martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

All in a Day's Works for Diony in Margarita

Diony reports from his travels around Margarita...

"It was a calm day, with an unusual South West wind heat and humidity blowing through the channel of Coche and Margarita!

Every thing seemed so calm and weird! I told my friend to do something since it was there day off, it turned out to be an amazing day discovering some beautiful scenic locations around the Island!

We stopped by Playa Guacuco first to get a dip and to slash up a few small waves paddle boarding! Then went to Playa Parguito for some light wind wave cruising! Then an awesome late afternoon coast run at this secret spot we found!

There are so many things to do even if it's not windy, the bonus is that all this is close to home and no need for planes and airports!" Diony V69

More to follow...

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