sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

Diony scores in France

France trip was super fun, productive and awesome conditions for the month of September! I went to do some work with my sponsors! We had an awesome weekend with the AHD Sea Lion event with over 66 competitors! Cool to see it growing every year! Its a good concept to get every one on the water despite wind or wave conditions! Waves were about head high during the event good for everyone! But we also had a couple of days wave sailing and surfing before the event with solid 18 Foot waves!

I was happy to get 1st place in the waves category! Cool that Jeff Henderson (President Hot Sails Maui) made it over from Hawaii! was awesome he won the overall!

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to launch my signature model DG Wave together with AHD Boards!

Brittany is definitely on my list of favourite venues in France! Friendly people! Every one seemed very natural and healthy! I couldn't believe how we did not miss  one day of action 15 days straight! That was unbelievable!!

Thanks to Bruno Andre and Fabienne d'Ortoli for everything and their amazing hospitality!


Photos: Loic Olivier

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