domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Diony on Maui

I just arrived from Venezuela, I plan to stay till the 23rd of December then looking forward on spending the holidays with my family, it's been 22 years since my mom, dad and the entire family have not been all together on the same table, its going to be lots of fun!
During my time on Maui,  I plan to test our new 2011 GPS with Tom and Jeff, tried it for the first time yesterday, so far the results are GREAT! I feel we are taking big steps every year! also I am very focus on working on my wave sailing and getting some great shots for my sponsors, looks like we will be getting a big swell for next week, looks mostly like surfing though, hope JAWS could break before I leave, I'll keep you all posted for more news and action during my stay in on Maui! thanks for all the support!!
Enjoy the pics I took yesterday with my new go pro and some shots from Jeff Henderson!
Adios Amigos!
Diony Guadagnino V69

sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Diony Guadagnino vs Ricardo Campello

Finalmente hoy logramos hacer nuestro heat, con condiciones bastante dificiles Diony Guadagnino V69 triunfo en el heat contra su paisano Ricardo Campello V111 en las primeras rondas!

Finally we did our heat today, with dificult conditions Diony Guadagnino V69 managed to knock out his fellow team mate from Venezuela Ricardo Campello V111 from early round!

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Diony listo para Cabo Verde

Manana parece que sera el primer dia de competencia en Cabo Verde para Diony, lo mas seguro competiremos en la playa de Corral Ju a las 10am del dia 16 de noviembre, Diony competira en su heat contra su team mate de Venezuela Ricardo Campello en el segundo heat del dia, atento para mas noticias!!

Tomorrow is looking like the first day of possible competition in Cape Verde for Diony, most likely location will be at Corral Ju first possible start at 10am 16th november, Diony will be against his fellow team mate from Venezuela Ricardo Campello in the second heat of the day! stay tuned for more news!!

domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Diony Guadagnino 1er Lugar, Proyecto Huracan, Falcon

1ro Diony Guadagnino V69/ sponsors: NESTEA, HOT SAILS MAUI, AHD, MFC, BLACK FLYS
2do Gollito Estredo V01    / sponsors: NORTH SAILS, FANATIC, SMITH, ION
3ro Juan Marino V103      / sponsors: MINTUR, CANTV

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Proyecto Huracan, Adicora, Venezuela

Estamos en el aeropuerto de Maiquetia en camino para un nuevo evento nacional con mis buenos amigos Deivis Paternina pro windsurfer y Carlos Gallardo conductor de via de escape, proyecto Huracan ubicado en Adicora Estado Falcon, el evento parte manana 6 de noviembre hasta el dia 7.......ojala entre un huracan! mas noticias sobre este evento pronto!

We are right now at Maiquetia airport in Caracas on our way to our new national event venue with my good friends Deivis Paternina and Carlos Gallardo host of via de escape Chile, located in Adicora, State of Falcon peninsula, the event will start tomorrow 6 of november till the 7th, hope a huricane comes threw! Stay tuned for more news!!

Diony Guadagnino

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Aruba Hi Winds 2010

Diony Guadagnino on TV

El Yaque, Margarita update

It's been a while with no wind here in El Yaque, Isla Margarita, do to the Hurricane season it has been a great delay pushing the wind away,  but still loads of fun activities to still do like, paddle boarding in the lagoon, waves up north-west and east, spear fishing and some good short board surfing! I'm still waiting on some shots from my friend photographers, soon as I get them I'll put them online so you can check out the Margariteno waves, not to bad for this part of the globe! wind seems like it's coming back!
Mean while I have been teaching some friends and reporters how to Windsurf, enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more news and action coming up soon!

Have fun on da water!

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Zona Radical Patanemo Surf Camp

Gerhard Weil Pro Surfer and ASP Master long board world champion created this surf camp and surf radio station 18 years ago to help the youth kids to all ages better our personal life style and help the future Venezuelan talents become better athlete's, Disciplined, Respect and take care of whats most valuable to us, Mother Nature!
Gerald is a good Friend and I thank him for inviting me to his past 2 camps in Cuyagua and Patanemo, we are also NESTEA team mates, it's awesome to work together with him and I have learned much from his professionalism as a water man and coach for the Venezuelan Surf Team!  This particular spot, Patanemo is one of the best reef breaks here in Venezuela, 3 hours from Caracas, Gerald told some storys and he said that on a good swell setup double over head the wave peels perfectly for about 200 meters with some barrel sections, can't wait for that day to come! so far was another succesful camp trip, everyone most important had a ball and learned how to surf and great meeting new people!

Enjoy the pics from our last surf trip and looking forward to his next stop of Zona Radical on the main land coast line!  All the best and RIP IT UP OUT DEA!

Diony Guadagnino