jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Flat to Mast high / Plano a un mástil de olas

I cannot believe how flat it was yesterday here on the North Shore of Maui, flatter than my home in El Yaque, Margarita!

No puedo creer lo plato que era ayer en el North Shore de Maui, mas plano que en Playa El Yaque, Margarita!
 But today seemed to be another story! Crazy how conditions could just change like this from one day to the other!

Pero hoy fue completamente otra historia! Loco como las condiciones pueden cambiar tan rápido de un día para el otro!

Here Diony trying a different kind of 360 on his new DGWFireLight
Aqui Diony probando un estilo de 360 diferente con su nueva tabla DGW y vela FireLight
Diony flying high
Diony Volando alto

Diony Goiter
Tomorrow looking like it's going to be even bigger than taday!
Manana parece que estará aun mas grande la ola que hoy!

Cannot wait!

Stay tuned for more news and action!
Pendiente para mas noticias y acción!


jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Best day so far

Had such a fun day yesterday, everyone was out there pushing it, by far the best day since I have been on Maui, long peeling waves and perfect wind for my 4.7 FireLight, I sailed on my DGW 83L, it was interesting how the wind shifted a bit back and forth to a tiny bit onshore to side then off shore! so I liked how it reacted in all conditions!

I tried my new move a few times and landed but just a hair away, hope to pull it off the next days!

Thanks to Paul ZeperKevin Pritchard for these shots yesterday!

More news coming soon!


jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012


Hey fellows,

Weather has been a bit nuts here on Maui since I got in, with flood warning on a couple Islands of the Hawaiian chain including Maui, but seems like the next couple of days should clear up! CANNOT wait to hit the water and start training hard in the waves testing my new DGW boards and my smaller FireLight! I want to be in form for this year to give it my best! Hope to see you guys soon on the water!!

All the best!

Hola mis panas,

El tiempo ah estado bien loco aquí en Maui desde que llegue hace un par de días, con aviso de inundaciones en un par de Islas en Hawai incluyendo Maui, pero parece que en los próximos dos días volvera todo a lo normal! Estoy súper ansioso para entrar al mar y empezar a entrenar super duro en las olas probando mi nueva linea de tablas DGW y mis velas pequenas FireLight! quiero estar bien en forma para este ano para darle mi todo, ojalá poder verlos en el agua muy pronto!

Todo lo mejor!

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012


After a long wait of excitement I finally got to try out the smallest of our slalom board range, the new and improved full carbon SL2 in 4 different sizes (92L, 112L, 122L & 132L) produced by: AHD

It was great also to test out our new GPS by: Hot Sails Maui, great to see it improving every year! great performance and control!

Check out the photos below with the new SL2-92L and GPS 6.6

Aloha and see you on the water!
Seems like the gear also works for Freestyle
Great way to end the day with a Beautiful Maui sunset

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Kids camp Miami

Colette and I were very excited putting together this kids camp on my pass threw Miami, thanks for the great help of Adventure Sports MiamiKanahakai and Hot Sails Maui for sending us all the kids gear, it sure helped a lot! I remember when I started to windsurf at 8 the gear was not as modern as today, I started on a rushwind  3.0 which was so heavy compared to now!
It was awesome seeing 28 kids showing up with there parents, from 4 to 12 year old, they all were so excited to step on a windsurf board for there first time,  I could’nt describe a better feeling teaching these kids and most important simply seeing them smile and just have an awesome time in the water, please check out these photos to experience and help this new breed of future champions, 

Colette y yo estuvimos muy emocionados para realizar este campamento de niños en mi pasada por Miami, gracias por la gran ayuda de Adventure Sports MiamiKanahakai y Hot Sails Maui para enviarnos todo los equipos de niños,  recuerdo cuando empecé a hacer windsurf a las 8 anos y no eran tan moderno como hoy en día, empecé con un 3.0 rushwind que era bastante pesada en comparación con ahora! Fue buenisimo ver los 28 niños aparecer en el campamento con sus padres, de 4 a 12 años de edad, todos estaban tan entusiasmados para windsurf por primera vez, es la mejor sensación enseñar estos niños y lo más importante, simplemente verlos sonreír y que tengan un momento increíble en el agua, por favor chequeen estas fotos abajo y apoyen esta nueva generación de futuros campeones

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

DG Back on Maui

News by Hot Sails Maui:

You re going to be seeing a lot more of Diony over the next couple of months, back from his recent trip to Los Roques Island he is now in Maui and he is working hard with the team already. To celebrate having our team rider back (and also Leap Day) on the island the office was closed early and we all hit up Ho'okipa for an afternoon session where we were joined by a bunch of our Maui based riders. What is clear is that the arrival of Diony back at Ho'okipa is certainly going to make some sparks fly so we are looking forward to some waves and wind over the coming weeks. During his trip he will be helping Paul & Tom with the development for the FreeSTYLE Pro, the 2013 GPS and a number of interesting projects which are confidential at this time.

Diony putting his Firelight straight into the mix at Ho'okipa

Check out the gallary: