martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Another win for Diony Day & Night Slalom

The event in Puerto La Cruz was always my favorite since the first time
I participated 2 years ago! With a professional organization and also the competition
Area and the beach of Lecheria is spectacular, with choppy waters and medium winds,
I felt good in these conditions! The best part of the event by far was the night slalom, full adrenaline
And great energy between the competitors and spectators! I'm very pleased winning both disciplines
Of 10 slalom rounds and the night slalom which was something new for everyone!

La competencia de Puerto la Cruz siempre fue mi preferida desde la
primera valida que fui hace 2 anos! con una organizacion muy
profesional! tambien la zona de competencia y la playa de Lecheria es
espectacular, con condiciones de mar picado y con vientos intermedios,
estas condiciones me favorecen bastante! para mi la nota de todo el
evento en Pto fue el Slalom nocturno el sabado, full adrenalina y super
buena enrgia entre los competidores y los espectadores! estoy de lo mas
contento en ganar las dos disciplinas de slalom con 10 rondas y el
slalom nocturno que fue algo nuevo para todos!!


Slalom despues de 10 rondas
After 10 rounds of Slalom

1st Place: Diony Guadagnino V69
2nd Place: Juan Marino V103
3rd Place Eleazar Franccesqui

Slalom nocturno:
Night Slalom:

1st Place: Diony Guadagnino V69
2nd Place: Crisanto Rodriguez V15
3rd Place: Juan Marino V103

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Fresh new doors I just made

I am not a carpenter but I'm surely learning and love to do these kind of projects, especially if there for yourself!

Diony & Miguelito mastered the COPA ONA

After arriving from Morocco a few days ago, 48 hours to return to Venezuela they confirmed the 2nd year of the ONA Competition in Cumana Main Land, ONA means department anti drugs of Venezuela in Spanish, they are supporting lot's of sport events the last couple of years and educating kids to NOT do drugs and alcohol, the event was held this Carnival weekend, Slalom and Long Distance where the categories!
With light winds from 9-13 knots the first day and 12-16 knots the second day I secured my 1st place in Slalom pro, at the end of the afternoon on the last day the race comity decided to lunch the long distance race crossing with not much time of light left the Cariaco Golf and back to the beach, it took 18 minutes, after the long distance in Morocco I felt comfortable doing this crossing and taking the 1st place also.
It was also wonderful to see so many people participating from different States, even Falcon State which is right next to Colombia, I saw many kids full motivated and inspired especially with the presence of Miguelito Bruggeman who won Junior slalom and 1st place also in the long distance Junior and Sport category! During the two days of the event it was incredible to see how all the kids surrounded him 24hthis is the way we go to keep pushing new talents in Venezuela and the World!


Slalom Pro Men:
1st Diony Guadagnino V69
2nd Gollito Estredo V01
3rd Crisanto Rodriguez V15

Long Distance Pro Men:
1st Diony Guadagnino V69
2nd Crisanto Rodriguez V15
3rd Gollito Estredo V01

Junior Slalom:
1st Miguelito Bruggeman V5
2nd Gabriel Castellar V571
3ro Jesus Fernandez V17

Junior/Sport Long Distance:
1st Miguelito Bruggeman V5
2nd Jose Duka V15
3rd Gabriel Castallar V571