lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

France Cap Sizun!!

Just arrived a couple days ago in France, Bretagne, Cap Sizun to get together with AHD and the HOT SAILS MAUI team to do a bit of fun work I would call it here at the Brittany coast! probably some of the best uncrouded beach and point breaks around this erea! Jeff Henderson will be joining us shortly to shear some positve vibes on the water coming from Hawaii! Bruno Andre and Fabi have always been so wonderful letting me stay at there house! GRACIAS FAMILIA! looking forward to have some good times on the water with everyone and hope to see some new young blood show up!
Swell looks good for the coming days with a slight off shore breeze!! stay tuned for more updates soon! Keep on shredding and thanks for the support everyone! DG V69