viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Diony & his crew at Funeral Point

After many years of traveling the world Diony has been working a number of plans recently to rediscover the magic that can be found a little closer to home. Isn't funny how we rush around and around but sometimes miss the gems that lie in front of us!

Funeral Point - what a beautiful location... 
Diony enjoying a few waves on his FireLight & his Pro Model DG wave board
Deivis (right) & Reinaldo (left)
 6am 1st session

"The new season is just starting here in the Southern Caribbean so everyone is quite desperate for some swell, Margarita is just above the equator and enjoys good climate year around but good swells here are not easy to get since we have all the islands blocking us north and east from us, so you got to be on top of the forecast!

We headed north west to this spot called Funeral Point, (discovered by my friend Carlos Vasquez and a friend of his called El Megatronico) the name doesn’t sound very attractive but I can assure you that it was the contrary, super peaceful and completely isolated in the cactus field of the dessert! We did not even have telephone signal incase of an emergency! It felt great to totally disconnect with the world, we arrived at dawn before the sun came out with a few good friends, Deivis Paternina (Pro Freestyler), Edwing Fernandez (Free Surfer) and Reinaldo Aparicio (Kite Surfer and Free Surfer) I was the first one to get into the water, the surf was epic, long perfect peeling glassy left and rights!
 Edwing Kelly 
Diony back side
Diony (right ) & his crew

The wind started to fill in early at 9am since it was a bit stormy so I jumped on my new AHD Sea Lion Pro SUP to get a fewwaves before it got too windy! At 10am I was already on the water wave sailing with Deivis, it was his first time on the waves here, he had a funny style but it was great to see one of the El Yaque boys wanting to learn how to wave ride, it was a little side on with occasional gust to do a couple jumps and to hit a few lips! 
Diony on his Sea Lion Pro
Diony backing
DG foam climb

I’m really looking forward going to Los Roques very soon! Just waiting on the catamaran that will be taking us there! Conditions are looking great for the next days, Los Roques probably going to be mast High or more, hope to get some conditions here on Margarita also!" Diony Guadagnino V69

Photos: Diony, Deivis & Reinaldo

More to follow very soon!

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011


Playa Parguito

This is truly a dream come true for me and I have no words to describe just how pleased I am to have this opportunity to introduce my new line of wave boards DG Pro Model together with AHD International!

Below you will find complete details with board specs, photos and some additional information how this project began together with AHD by Tridenn!

AHD: We are therefore only too happy to launch the very first « Pro Model » to his name in his “long” career, one that is a true testimony of our gratefulness for his involvement and his commitment to our small brand.
Before joining AHD, Diony has closely worked with outstanding shapers such as Richard Greene and later Mark Nelson.

Along the years he developed his own sailing style and triggered a typical shapes.
In full logic he has wished to pursue further development of his rationale with our own Pascal Gerber and Bruno André, bringing a new spirit and focus to AHD « wave » line.

What, first and foremost, attracted us to Diony’s philosophy was the fact that he always and successfully used the same boards, whatever the wave and weather conditions and on any spot: from Jaws to Gran Canaria or Ho’okipa, side-off or side-on, in strong or lighter winds.
From the first prototypes Pascal made, we were struck by the difference and … performance of the new boards.
With a “twingle” fin configuration (close to each other twin-fins which combine the grip of a single fin with the maneuverability of multi fins) the DGWave boards are fast, precise and maneuverable!

Their inherent « drive » is complemented by an exceptional ability for curves. Very stable on the rail they allow more precise and more powerful curves. Those shapes provide a feeling of absolute safety in curves, whatever the wave size.

When sailing out, or in on-shore winds, the “twingle” configuration provides the grip of a single fin, ensuring a fast speed at any wind-angle, boosted as it is, in the aft two thirds of the bottom, by a double concave morphing in a deep single one.

The veed forward section provides added control and helps lifting the forward part of the rail so that no curve is baulked at.

On a compact outline, all these parameters result in a very pure wave-machine.

True to the concept of an exact pro-model in production they carry the very graphics Diony drew by himself on his older prototypes with a « Posca » paint-marker, inspired that he was by the latest trends in Surf.

“The DG Wave for me is pure freedom, when my feet are locked in everything feels so close to perfection! My first step on the board I couldn’t believe how easy and responsive it was to my body movements! It’s the first time ever going from my favorite custom board to a production and not wanting to go back on my custom! Love it!” Diony Guadagnino 

Shape specificities:
-Compact outline
-Curved scoop
-Bottom: vee forward, followed by double concaves then a single concave aft.
-Round Pin Tail
-Shape: Pascal Gerber / Diony Guadagnino / Bruno Andre
DGwave 83
DGwave 93
227 cm
230 cm
57,2 cm
60,6 cm
One Foot Off
35 cm
37,4 cm
83 L
93 L
6,3 kg
6,7 kg
Sandwich Epoxy
Sandwich Epoxy
Twingle 14.5cm (Select Prowave Evo) Twingle 15.5cm (Select Prowave Evo)
3.5 – 5.8
4.2 – 6.2