miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Another Wild Winds Win for Diony

Diony reports from his win in Margarita;

“The first Margarita Wild Winds was in 1995, I was 12 years old, 17 years later I was able to celebrate my first victory after competing the past 10 years of my career! The conditions were ideal with consistent light conditions in the morning and strong winds in the afternoon for slalom and long distance!"  

"The level was very high this year with 7 different Countries represented; Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, USA, France, Hungry and Venezuela. My good friend Wilhelm Shrmann from Brasil, currently ranked #1 in Formula, was strong competition and it all went down the last day, our first heat of the day I risked my start going over early, we had only 2 slalom rounds left and 1 long distance to close the event! I knew I couldn't make any more errors, to win I had to win all! that's exactly what I did keeping in track, I am super happy in winning the Margarita Wild Winds this year! Thanks for the support of my family and to all my sponsors, Nestea, AHD boards and Hot Sails Maui”
Diony V69


1st Place Overall Slalom & Long Distance Margarita Wild Winds Pro!

Photo credits: Alain Galarneau

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